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Hi all,

I'm new to the list and hope this wasn't discussed in length here before. If so, please give me a direction, I couldn't find anything related.

For the last days I tried to find a Lineage OS [1] compatible kernel with wireguard included, sadly there is none. Instead of installing a custom kernel, could Lineage include the < 4000 lines of code in their build root? Have there been any efforts on this?

Thank you very much for all further information.

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[1] http://lineageos.org/

I asked the Lineage OS maintainer of my current phone and he responded to use the native VPN interface of Android. Are there any plans on that?


That has many pros:
1. runs on any Android 4.0+ device (NO root required)
2. all VPN code (except network interface of course) is running in userspace (in case of exploitation only VPN app is compromised)
3. decoupled from OS and easy to upgrade

Thanks for all further information!


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