FWIW: Having watched the discussion about CONFIG_ANDROID, it occurs to me that there's an alternative for WireGuard that sidesteps the issue.

From the last patcheset, it seems that the only use in WireGuard is to avoid clearing keys on every wake-up.

So: Why not timestamp key-clear events, and establish a minimum interval?

It seems to me that this would make WireGuard tolerant of the peculiar behavior of the Android (handheld) platforms, and expresses what WireGuard needs - a minimum time between key clearing events.  It's also completely under WireGuard's control, is platform agnostic, and avoids an inevitable discussion about whether 2 seconds between wakeups is immutable and satisfies everyone.  (If you wait long enough, every constant eventually becomes a variable...)

Then WireGuard can watch the duststorm over CONFIG_ANDROID's fate settle out at leisure.

I have no dog in this fight - just an observer.

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