I understand your suggestion. Although I am not the administrator of the 
WireGuard website. But personally I don't even sure how to update the 
instruction properly for the current circumstances. As my understanding, the 
instructions from the WireGuard website aims to provide the best practices to 
install WireGuard. But unfortunately there is no best practice available for 
C8S for now, each method/workaround seems quite ugly to me.

Or should we just write down lengthy texts on the page to describe the 
situation? I think it will break the simplicity. Since the Stream is the 
beta/experimental build of RHEL. The user base is low and the demand of the 
instruction updating for that user base is also low. Consider that the CentOS 
Stream 8 does not actually mention in the instruction, only CentOS 8. I think 
we may leave the instruction in the current shape until we got some decisive 
solution to provide.

There is a bug #2103865 about the recent WireGuard breakage which I submitted 
to Red Hat Bugzilla, and I don't see any response yet.

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