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> Hi All,
> We are using wireguard-go on MACOS/LINUX and a dns-proxy is listening
> on wireguard device. dns-proxy is receiving dns requests from the
> desktop (destined to wireguarddeviceip:53) on linuxos. But the same
> does not work on MACos.
> I have tried to create tun/ap using go-library (water) and was able to
> receive the requests, but the same fails when using a wireguard device
> created using wireguard-go. Also ping to wireguard device ip from the
> desktop fails miserably.

I assume you want to make all peers request to the same DNS server, yes?

In that case, instead of installing dns-proxy on each user, setup a
central DNS server and let the WireGuard handle the rest.

For example, in my experience, I setup rescached [1] (or any DNS
caches/forwarder) on the "server" peer at and set the DNS
option on each "client" peer to that address

  DNS =

With this mode, client does not need to install or setup anything except
the WireGuard application.

[1] https://kilabit.info/project/rescached

{ "git":"git.sr.ht/~shulhan", "site":"kilabit.info" }

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