(thanks to mohammad who pointed me in the right direction)

Am 21.09.2022 um 10:29 schrieb Simon Rozman:
Unfortunately, this is a limitation of Android OS supporting only 1 (one) VPN 
connection at a time.

Note: Limitation of not rooted devices. The app works with userspace backend 
until you root your device.

Once rooted you need to allow root-access to the app (it asks for root if your 
device is rooted) and then you can enable the use of kernel module/backend in 
advanced settings.
Then enable option for multiple tunnels at the same time.
Maybe it's worth to put hint for that in the app?

Works great so far.
(Sure, you have to keep an eye on used IP-ranges/routes that could be same on 
different tunnels what could result in unexpected behaviour when used 

Thank you very much and kind regards!

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