On Wed, Sep 28, 2022 at 09:32:04AM +0000, Mehdi Haghgoo wrote:
> It seems that Wireguard does not work at all in Iran.
> I used to use it with nmcli on Linux, but recently it just does not work, 
> even with ADSL Internet (Mobile internet is mainly shut down).
> I suspect it is not because UDP is completely blocked, because I see some 
> other VPNs are working with UDP. Could the co
> Are there any suggestions to make Wireguard work under recent harsh Internet 
> crackdowns?

Some people are reporting success with two-hop proxies, since not all
networks in Iran are subject to the same blocking rules. The first hop
is to another host in Iran that is less censored; the second hop crosses
the border. I haven't seen a report of someone doing this with
onobfuscated WireGuard specifically, but it may work. The second link in
the list has a kcptun component, which is UDP.

tutorial for multi-hop shadowsocks servers

Tutorial: setting up a Tor bridge for Iran

Two-layered access

In terms of obfuscation for the WireGuard protocol, here are some

Iptables WireGuard obfuscation extension

swgp-go (userspace obfuscation proxy)

WireGuard with obfuscation support

WireGuard obfuscation using shadowsocks

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