Not sure if this is the right place to ask about it. But I have been using 
wireguard recently, and I have noticed that when I enable the VPN, my wifi 
signal immediately goes down 1 bar. Also, after some time of using it, the wifi 
will experience periodic dropouts (on the order of every 10 minutes to 2 hours)

I’m clueless as to how wireguard can be causing this, but I found this 
situation by rebooting into safe mode, noting that the wifi did not have any 
problems, and then starting up wireguard to see the drop occur.

I’m noticing that WG for mac hasn’t been updated for 1 year.

Does anyone else experience this issue, or know of its cause?

Will also agree that it’s possible WG isn’t the culprit, but I’m having a hard 
time narrowing it down. If anyone has experience in how to find what causes 
this, please let me know.


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