I don't know if I can pull this off on short notice, but I would love to see if 
we can somehow arrange a half day meeting at Anaheim to have a discussion on 
current networking topics.  I am trying to transplant what they have at the 
Internet 2 Tech Exchange with Net Gurus to Educause.  I don't even know if it 
is feasible.  But before I start the work, can those of you attending the 
educause conference please send me your contact details, when you plan on being 
there, and if you would consider slicing out half a day for some discussion?  I 
figure I need at least 15 solid 'yes' emails before I put much effort into 


Ryan Turner
Manager of Network Operations
ITS Communication Technologies
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill<>
+1 919 445 0113 Office
+1 919 274 7926 Mobile

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