I didn't get any responses, so I figured I'd try again.

If anyone will be attending the NERCOMP Conference at the end of March and 
would like to lead the combined NETMAN/Wireless-LAN Session, let me know.  
EDUCAUSE is still holding a spot for us, but it will need to get released soon.

If anyone on here is attending the Aruba/Atmosphere-Airheads Conference, a few 
of us will be getting together sometime during the event.  I'd be happy to 
coordinate a Higher Ed Meetup.  Just send me a note directly.



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If you are planning on attending the NERCOMP Conference in March and would like 
to lead the NETMAN/Wireless-LAN session I normally lead, please let me know.  
I'm going to be at the Aruba Wireless Conference this year so I won't be able 
to attend NERCOMP.  Give me a call or send me an email.  If you email me, 
remove the [WIRELESS-LAN] heading from the subject field or it will get 
filtered into an inbox that I only check once or twice a day.

It's an easy gig to manage.  I'm happy to work with whomever steps up to get 
you started.  The last couple years I've spent 10 minutes demonstrating 
products.  2 years ago I showed off a fiber scope/power meter.  Last year I 
showed an Android App that I use to map WiFi signal strength.  This is not a 
requirement.  It's just something different I've tried and it was received well.



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