We do onboard with SecureW2, but only in the past 10 months and it's encouraged, not required.

Did you have to request a custom report from SW2 support for this?  I don't see that info available
in the standard report templates and they also a 2 month window.

On 10/9/19 8:36 AM, Sweetser, Frank E wrote:
Are you doing any kind of onboarding?  We were able to generate a report of driver versions for our client base from SecureW2, for example.

Frank Sweetser
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Worcester Polytechnic Institute
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We currently have the Wi-Fi 6 extensions disabled because of the Intel
Driver issues

We've been notifying clients and were updating drivers until instructed
to just turn off Wi-Fi 6.
This begs the question of trying to identify the problematic machines
and seek them out, or
just announce a future date to turn on Wi-Fi 6 and go back to dealing
with updating drivers as
they come up.  We'll have a mix (currently ~15% Wi-Fi 6) of AP models
for a while, so the issues
won't all show right away.

Anyone looked into identifying the machines needing updated through
(Aruba Insight or Airwave or Clearpass ) ?

On 9/5/19 3:08 PM, Turner, Ryan H wrote:
> We've done a test deployment of Aruba 515s.  There seem to be some driver compatibility issues.  We have 2 IT buildings.  I had an induvial able to connect and see SSIDs just fine in our building with 315s.  When she came to the building with 515s, she saw nothing.  I updated her drivers, and then everything worked.  So just be aware you might see more of that.  We were running 8.503 code (I think).
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> Subject: [WIRELESS-LAN] Aruba Wi-Gi 6 APs
> Anyone have any Wi-Fi 6 APs deployed yet, and if so any thoughts either good or bad. I'm looking at swapping out the APs in our dining hall first, since they seem to get the most use.

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