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'Google Summer of Code 2012 Projects' di clauz

We are glad to announce that this year, for the first time, is an
accepted organization in the Google Summer of Code program! Quoting from the
GSoC 2012 website:

Google Summer of Code is a global program that offers students stipends to write
code for open source projects. We have worked with the open source community to
identify and fund exciting projects for the upcoming summer.

The wireless community networking, open source projects the students will be
working on are:

        DNS Management App for wireless communities will allow community network
members to manage easily their own DNS records
        Nodeshot database and server side code refactoring will continue our 
work on
our successful mapserver engine
        Improve remote monitoring and managing of OpenWrt will develop a node
monitoring and management system, integrated with nodeshot 
        Mobile Application for managing the Ninux Network will be the wireless
community network member swiss armyknife
        Mobile application to do AR aided wireless device pointing suitable for
Wireless Community Networks will be a great tool to help people build wireless
nodes on their roofs using augmented reality

Many thanks to Freifunk, that in the previous GSoCs has hosted our ideas,
letting us experience and grow to this point. We are looking forward to the
completion of this awesome projects, and we hope to be able to pass on to the
students our passion and enthusiasm for community networking!

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