Esito della missione di ricognizione in Slovenia per il prossimo
Wireless Battle of the Mesh!


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Subject:        [Battlemesh] WBMv8 recon mission in Maribor, Slovenia!
Date:   Sat, 03 Jan 2015 16:28:14 +0100
From:   Jo-Philipp Wich <>
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Hi Battlemeshers!

As last years organizers, Simon and me drove from Germany to Slovenia
for our reconnaisance mission and mentoring for the upcoming event planning.

We just concluded our visit and like to present you the things we've
seen and did in and around Maribor during the last two days :)

We've visted the gt22 transnational guerilla art school [1] in downtown
maribor, presented the battlemesh to the founders of the nearby kreator
lab makerspace [2] and met the head of the national ham radio
association in slovenia to have a tour in the venue place for the
upcoming wbm.

The local crew in  Maribor is very motivated and eager to organize the
Wireless Battle of the Mesh v8!!


The place we've choosen to host the conference is called Dom Obrambe
Pekre [3] and features lecture rooms of various sizes, a huge hall with
movable tables and chairs and a connected kitchen area as well as
sanitary facilities and a huge outdoor auditorium with seats and plenty
of space to relax.

Dom Obrambe Pekre is located on the edge of Maribor within a 15 minute
walking distance from town and reachable through a nearby bus line.

*Internet Access*

There is a local 2mbps dsl line connection at the venue, wlan slovenija
backbone and additionally wlan slovenia will upgrade the backbone link
from 50 to 100mbps for the event. 4g connection is available as backup.

*Test Setup*

We have free access to power outlets and floor plans as well as the
permission to install mesh nodes within the entire building complex.

Outdoor deployments are possible as well, depending on available
hardware and weather conditions.


As in the previous years, the local organization team likes to offer a
food & hotel package to ease the task of finding a place to stay in
Maribor. The local team is currently having discussions with the hotels
to find a suitable arrangement. We're also looking into camping
possibilities for interested people.

*Social Events*

There are lots of opportunities to have some evening events in maribor -
nice pubs in downtown as well as little coffee bars and shops. We're
also exploring the possibilities to have a party/barbecue at gt22 and
some 3d printing workshops at the makerspace in downtown.


We plan to have the event at the end of june or the beginning of august.
The organization team is checking the availability of the venue and will
set up a doodle vote next week to settle on a final date.


As Maribor has no own active international airport nearby it is best to
fly to Graz, Ljubljana or Zagreb and then take a train or bus shuttle to
the city. Details are available on the wiki.

*Cost estimation*

We're targeting a price in the range of 120 to 200 euro for
accommodation and food during the entire week and talking to local and
international companies for possible donations.

*Local organization*

Musti and 3-4 other core organizers will take care of the local
organization tasks in maribor and are eager to welcome the battlemeshers
in Slovenia and will introduce themselves on the list :)

Best wishes on behalf of the recon team local organizers!!

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