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To the reviewers of the netCommons project,
To whom it may concern.

Object: support letter for the netCommons project is a wireless community network born in Rome, Italy, in 2002 and now
spread all over the Country. Its name currently stands for “Neighborhood
Internet, Network Under eXperiment”. In fact, has been testing
devices, auto-built antennas and routing protocols while exchanging knowledge
with the other Community Networks in Europe. Also, Rome is among the
first networks in Italy to provide native IPv6 connection to residential sites.
It is an Autonomous System with IPv4 and IPv6 peerings with other local Internet
Service providers and interconnected at NaMeX, Central Italy’s Internet
Exchange Point. Many services are provided by users inside the network: VoIP,
XMPP chat, Web, search engines. has been also involved in the Google
Summer of Code program, in which many open source projects have been extended or
initiated. For instance the Nodeshot map server, produced in the Google Summer
of Code 2011 is now employed by, and Sudo Mesh. The network is currently composed of about 330 active nodes. More
information can be found on the websites and

Having read the white paper describing the netCommons project proposal we
believe it is a very important chance to support the growth of the community
networks movement, and its outcomes will produce both technological and social
innovation needed for community networks to flourish.

Thus, we fully support the netCommons project and hope that it will be financed,
so that our community, as others, will benefit from its results.

If the project will be financed, we also express our availability to be involved
and to cooperate netCommons: informally, during the European meetings where
people from our community normally participate, or formally, with the financed
individual participation to the netCommons' project meetings and activities. The
form of such cooperation will be negotiated, if necessary, after the project
approval with the project partners.

Sincerely,The ninux community

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