chi andrà al battlemesh?
Perchè a me piacerebbe ma sono solo nelle marche non penso che qualcuno muoverà le chiappe...

On 16/06/15 09:54, Nemesis wrote:
Qualcuno che ha la passione per filmareche viene al battlemesh?

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Subject:        [Battlemesh] Film Crew For Battlemesh?
Date:   Mon, 15 Jun 2015 11:57:52 -0700
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Hey Battlemeshers,

I've only been on the list for a little while, but am working on a documentary film about the rise of mesh networks and their implications for local and global societies.

I so badly want to make it to Battlemesh this year, but cannot afford the time off and travel (from California). Is there anyone on the list (or someone who has a friend) who is a filmmaker or at least has a camera and can interview people? I'd really like to be able to capture this event, as its essential to global mesh networking.

If anyone has a lead, please reach out to me!


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