La questione si fa interessante, Christopher Waid dice che:

"There is also a European and Canadian version of the rules that
will also be an issue."


Ricordo il link all'articolo sul blogda condividere assolutamente:

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Subject:        Re: [FCC] Support from Italy
Date:   Thu, 03 Sep 2015 12:20:57 -0400
From:   Christopher Waid <>
Organization:   ThinkPenguin, Inc
To:     Nemesis <>

On 2015-09-03 11:32 AM, Nemesis wrote:
> Hi everyone,
>  yesterday we published this blog post:
> [1]
>  In which we encourage people to act by submitting a formal comment to
> the FCC, providing also an example comment to edit and submit.
>  We believe that this can impact the European market too and it will
> become very hard for communities and small businesses to deploy
> OpenWRT based firmware. We'll try to help by spreading the word and
> capturing media attention as much as we can do on our side.

Hey- thanks!

I have a bit of info you should know from earlier discussions on this 
list. There is also a European and Canadian version of the rules that 
will also be an issue. Some rules are already passed and the current 
proposed rules need to be overturned in addition to the ones in Europe 
and Canada. Europe and Canada isn't happening yet- so you'll need to 
stay tuned. It's important to make it clear that this isn't just 
something that might impact people outside the United States. It *will* 
impact people outside the United States. We know that without doubt for 
a fact now. You can browse through the archives if you like to find the 
specific rules / information (well, the detailed specific aren't 
available, except for Canada I think, but I guess they don't yet have an 
open comment period, or something similar yet).

>  Best regards
>  Federico Capoano
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