Prossimo battlemesh probabilmente a Porto in Portogallo.

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Subject: [Battlemesh] Battlemesh Reconnaissance team going to Portugal!
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 2015 22:50:29 +0200
From: Simon Wunderlich <>
To: Battle of the Mesh Mailing List <>
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Hi Battlemeshers,

after evaluating the location proposals and talking to potential hosts, we are now happy to announce that we will do a reconnaissance mission for WBMv9 to
Porto, Portugal from Nov 11th to Nov 15th!

Musti, Marek and myself will be visiting the city, checking out potential venue and accommodation options and kickstart the organization. Our local team in Porto currently includes Filipe Teixeira, Mario Lopes, Rui Campos, and Filipe Ribeiro. We are looking forward to the backup from other people in
Portugal, including Manos Dimos, David Dias and CMSV.

If you happen to know any hackers, communities, hacker spaces or activists we should meet/check out, please let us know or connect us with them! Also if you
are in Portugal or in the area, feel free to join. :)

As always, we will keep you posted on the mailing list!


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