Sulla mailing list battlemesh c'e' una discussione in corso
sull'hardware ora compatibile con OpenWRT (dopo la genialata dell'FCC
sulla chiusura dei firmware [*]). Ed e' venuta fuori una considerazione
interessante di Juliusz (qui sotto) sul fatto che usare dispositivi
802.11ac in ambienti urbani densi potrebbe non essere una cosa furba...

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Subject: Re: [Battlemesh] What hardware still works?
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 2016 00:28:01 +0100
From: Juliusz Chroboczek <>
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> How much would everyone trust these off-brand Chinese models like the
> one linked above


Daniel will correct me if I say something stupid, but I think you're not
looking at the right hardware.  You don't want .11ac devices, at least not
yet.  .11ac doesn't bring any range improvements, and only marginal
improvements in spectral efficiency.  (.11ac improves throughput by using
up huge amounts of radio spectrum, which is not something you want in
a dense urban environment.  While MU-MIMO looks interesting, I'm not sure
it's supported in meshes.)

What you want, at least until the OpenWRT driver situation clarifies, is
a good .11n device with two or three radios and known-good OpenWRT drivers
(ath9k rocks).  Make sure that the radios are not connected internally
over something reasonable like PCI or PCIe, not USB or SDIO.  Gigabit
Ethernet is a welcome plus since you'll doubtless end up either wiring
some parts of your netowkr or tunnelling over the public Internet.

(The aging RouterStation Pro rocks.  No, I'm not selling mine.)

-- Juliusz
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