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Subject:        p2p value survey
Date:   Tue, 19 Apr 2016 09:56:52 +0200
From:   Guido Anselmi <g.ansel...@campus.unimib.it>
To:     Guido Anselmi <g.ansel...@campus.unimib.it>

/Dear Sir or Madam/

/My name is Guido Anselmi and I write in behalf of the p2p value
research initiative, a EU-funded multi stakeholder research initiative(
www.p2pvalue.eu <http://www.p2pvalue.eu/> ). You are receiving this mail
because, at some point, your organization has been included by our
researchers in a list of relevant players in the p2p economy.
Because we are interested in mapping the social composition of p2p
producers, we would like to ask you to fill a short survey; if you could
also circulate the survey among the other people in your organization
//it would be great for us.
Here's the link for the survey/



/Also write me back if you need further informations./

/Have a Nice Day /

/Guido Anselmi /

Guido Anselmi
PhD - Università degli studi Milano Bicocca
Mobile: +393331904194

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