Negli ultimi mesi ho tentato di utilizzare FreeDNS come servizio DDNS.
Non ha quasi mai funzionato a dovere. OpenWRT mi diceva sempre <ERROR:
Invalid update URL (2)>.
Dopo mesi di scambi di e-mail vari, ho avuto modo di mettermi ad
indagare in maniera più scrupolosa. Per la soluzione vi incollo
direttamente la mail che ho mandato in mailing list. Non l'ho mandata
nella lista Lede perché ormai la discussione era stata aperta mesi fa su

Finally I had some free time to try to fix this problem. On IRC #openwrt
I have been told:
«LUCI's FreeDNS password field isn't actually password, it's a private
key which isn't the same as your account password»
Indeed, in LUCI "Details for: myddns_ipv4"->"Basic settings", I replaced
the Password field with "foo_hash" taken from button ASCII
that returns a string in the form of||
I resetted my internet connection to trigger an IP change and now the
DDNS module successfully updated the IP address.

The IRC user that helped me, also complained about having tried in past
to get this problem fixed, but his proposal has been refused...
I think that the actual Password field produces misunderstandings, so it
should be fixed....

Have a nice day
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