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> Ciao Lorenzo,
> Sarebbe utile, effettivamente, capire i bisogni attuali e futuri.

Riporto da questo thread sulla mailing list di hackmeeting:

il seguente link intressante:

Internet access and communication services were urgently needed as the
existing services were all damaged. In addition to this the command
centers set up by the Protezione Civile and the Fire brigade were in
urgent need of internet access.

DTL has deployed a team to meet this need. The team arrived in the
afternoon on August 28th and immediatly carried out a needs survey.
Based on this survey we have started installing satellite terminals and
WiFi networks at 4 locations; two command centers and two shelters for
displaced people.

We will provide the services for as long as is required and are already
scheduling our volunteer rotation so that we will have continuous cover.

However this all generates certain costs such as travel, accommodation
and some equipment purchases.
To meet these we are dependent on youur donations so please give and
also share this information.
Thank you!

Disaster Tech Lab is an entirely voluntary organisation. We’re based in
Ireland but operate worldwide.


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