TL;DR: Koruza a Roma da domani

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Subject:        [Battlemesh] Invitation: Koruza and GoodEnoughCNC on the road
in October 2016
Date:   Thu, 13 Oct 2016 15:16:10 +0200
From:   Koruza Events <>
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Hello, gals and guys. =)

Hope you're all fine.

Allow me to make an invitation to all of you on the Battlemesh list;
maybe some of you will be able to stop by at any of the events or manage
to notify others, interested in these kinds of projects.

Musti <>, wlan slovenia's last year's
host/co-organizer of the Battlemesh in Maribor, Slovenia, is on tour in
October 2016 with Koruza <>and GoodEnoughCNC
<>, two of theopen source, open hardware
projectshe is developing with his team.

Luka Mustafa/Musti is a Slovenian-based Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow
<>, working full-time on
Koruza development at the Institute IRNAS Rače <>in
Slovenia, which he founded in 2014. He is also a PhD student at
University College London <>. He leads a
multidisciplinary team developing open systems ranging from CNC machines
to electronics and fibre optic systems, promotes and deploys open
wireless networks in the WLAN Slovenia project, and manages national and
international wireless backbones.

Koruza <>is the first open source wireless optical
communication system for urban environments, connecting locations at up
to 150 m distance, which empowers networks with 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps
throughputs unaffected by radio spectrum saturation to provide last-mile
networking without the need for fiber installation.
In October 2016, the all new Koruza will be presented: Koruza Pro
<>, an updated version for professional use, which
is bringing fibre-like speeds to ISP subscribers ten times cheaper.
Koruza Pro is available for preorder from October 2016 on.

GoodEnoughCNC <>areaffordable and versatile CNC
solutions to enable simple production anywhere around the globe and to
change how we manufacture things. GoodEnoughCNC's philosophy is to offer
effective digital manufacturing tools that are good enough for most of
the applications an average maker needs.

The events Mustiwill appear/participateon or holdare as follows:

1. Rome, Italy, EU: 14-16 October, Maker Faire European edition 2016
- Friday, 14thOctober, 3 pm - 7 pm: Workshop
<>on building a Hybrid
CNC <>
- Sunday, 16th October at 12 pm: Talk
<>on how GoodEnoughCNC
<>can be used for Good

2. San Francisco, CA, USA: 24th October, The San Francisco Nonprofit
Technology Center <>, operated by Aspiration
- Monday, 24 October, 4 pm - 6 pm: Event
<>, where
Mustiis going to explain and demonstrate Koruza
<>, the first open source wireless optical
communication system for urban environments, as well as tell you more
about GoodEnoughCNC <>, open and affordable
tools for digital manufacturing

3. Bay Area, Richmond, CA, USA: 25-27 October,Meetig of the Minds 2016

4. London, Ravensbourne College, UK, EU: 28-30 October, Mozfest 2016

Follow events and updates:
Irnas' blog:,
Twitter account:
Facebook account:

Please, be so kind and let us know you're visiting an event/s by sending
a short e-mail with subject "Rome RSVP"/"SF RSVP"/"BayRSVP/"LondonRSVP",
briefly stating your name and the organization/company you're from to
the address

Feel free to share this e-mail and invite all open source, open hardware
enthusiasts and all other interested individuals and companies.

Thank you. =)

Kind regards,


Koruza <> GoodEnoughCNC <>

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