On 19/02/2017 18:33, Arjuna Sathiaseelan wrote:
All - I wrote a blog piece on the Thailand Community Network
initiative by Asian Institute of Tech which would be of interest:

Dear Arjuna,

this text is not a perspective for Community Networks. It is a way to hold the old capitalistic occupation from Europe in Asia.

Clear, you work for that, you have a job for that, you get your money from that. But i think, the most people on our planet have not this problem and are able to think independent.

The perspective for the Community Networks are the local technical infrastructures based on our global network for free technology.

This is the background for our regional interconnection as a base for our community interconnection. And this is, like the streets and roads, a public task from our societies. Then, we don't need money for that, because we don't need private companies, and we don't need state institutions. The people organise it self.

many greetings, willi
Asuncion, Paraguay

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