Un'ottima notizia!
Freifunk e OpenWisp (con moltissime altre organizzazioni attive nel
software libero) son state accettate nel Google Summer of Code!
Qui l'elenco completo:

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Subject:        [Battlemesh] GSoC 2017 - Freifunk accepted!
Date:   Mon, 27 Feb 2017 22:33:48 +0100
From:   Andreas Bräu <a...@andi95.de>
To:     battlem...@ml.ninux.org

Hi there,

today Google announced the organizations they choosed for GSoC 2017. I’m
happy to tell you: Freifunk is again accepted as mentoring organization
for Google Summer of Code together with 200 other OpenSource
organizations! Our friends from OpenWISP.org got accepted, too! Thanks
to all who helped making this application successful: those who
collected all the ideas (this year we have really a lot of ideas!),
those who talked to possible mentors and those who wrote the application

From now on students can find us on the GSoC Website, and we should
start talking to students that want to propose projects to freifunk. If
you know students, point them to our Ideas page
at https://wiki.freifunk.net/Ideas so they can get in touch with our

The official Students Application period will start on March, 20. Then
students can start submitting their applications.

As a next step we’ll add the possible mentors to a mailing list.

If you have any questions regarding GSoC, our ideas or as organization,
please don’t hesitate to ask!

Best regards,


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