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Subject: [Telecommons] Call MEP now!
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2017 14:49:21 +0200
From: Christopher Talib <>

Hi all!

The time has come to take action to keep the Internet infrastructure

After our meetings last week at the European Parliament, we saw that
there is still lots of work to do! Many MEPs agree with netCommons and
LQDN positions on supporting community networks and non-profit ISP,
however all are pending of the will of the conservatives (EPP and ECR)
that has the majority. 
This is the people we need to call and convince of the importance of
your work!

The IMCO (internal market) committee will vote on the Electronic Code of
Communication on 22 June and ITRE (Industry, Research and Energy), the
11 July. We do not have much time!

Now we need to call them so they don't lock down the opportunities for
CNs and non-profit ISP to keep providing a human and decentralised
You'll find more information on LQDN's latest press release:

And can help yourself with the arguments developed in the factsheets of

To call for free the MEPs go on LQDN's tool, the piphone:
 Send that message in your networks, more people will call, more we will
have an impact, especially if you say you come from Community Networks. 
Good luck everyone!

Datalove <3
Christopher Talib
Chargé de Campagne
Campaign Manager
0033 (0)6 34 16 81 89
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