Il 13/12/2017 21:26, Rugantio ha scritto:
> Mi piacerebbe però saperne di più riguardo la sicurezza di wireguard,
> sai se qualcuno ha fatto un audit?

Jason A. Donenfeld, il creatore di Wireguard ha detto:

WireGuard has undergone several intense code reviews, and of course it's
written by a guy who audits other people's codebases for a living, but it
hasn't _yet_ been audited. And now is *not* the time to audit it either!
still undergoing changes, so as to make any audit done now not very
useful. I
suspect after we post the first RFC to netdev, there will be a flurry of
changes requested. After those are made, and the structure of the code base
solidifies, we'll be in a good place to request audits. Fortunately
being from
the security industry myself, I know a few different companies who want
to take
a look at it. So hold tight -- they'll be comin'.

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