None of my Trango or Tranzeo 5.x stuff missed a beat.

Maybe Y'all aint living right :-)

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John Scrivner wrote:

Is there anyone who is using anything other than Trango who sees this same issue?

Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

I"m on the other end of the country - Oregon...

I saw no changes in my 5 ghz stuff. Solar activity would have an impact
here too, right?   how long does the influence last?

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On 2 Aug 2005 at 12:56, Brian Webster wrote:

Since different people saw the same problem in multiple locations I

suspect a propagation problem, probably as a result of solar activity.

While possible, there's one thing that just makes that sound really weird.

We're using Trango gear as well, and (as Scriv mentioned) saw some similar
problems last night...

One of our Trango APs has two client SUs associated. Both links are about

miles, but the endpoints are only about three miles apart, on the same

highway. Think of it as a "V" shape, where the AP is at the bottom of the

And the V is actually pointing west-to-east. But whatever.

One of those links went completely bananas, lost about 10dB of signal,

connection all over the place. The other didn't skip a beat.

I have another, similar, link that did the same thing last night. One AP,

SUs. One went bonkers, the other two were things of beauty and perfection.
Again, the endpoints are only a couple miles apart.

[newbie mode ON!]

Is solar flare activity really sufficiently "random" that this is

With clients on the same frequency, and so relatively close together, I'd
expect any really broad-scale interference to knock them all off at the

time, instead of just doing so randomly.

David Smith
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