- We are working on a software upgrade to our RWO product line which will have 
- The cost is from $139.95 to $289.95 depending on models.
- We have N connected versions.
- We are coming out with a 400mW 5Ghz RWO CPE and Base in the next 1-2 weeks 
which will have polling.

Keep and eye on the website :)

Sincerely, Tony Morella
Demarc Technology Group, A Wireless Solution Provider 
Office: 207-244-9068 Fax: 207-433-1008 

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Hi all,

Well, with YDI/Terrorbeam closing the Karlnet office in Ohio, I think I need to 
find a replacement for TurboCell systems..

My requirements for a replacement .....

1) must use the same 2.4GHz antennas and amps I currently have installed.

2) compatible with many different boards for CPE and AP

3) polling or token based.  No hidden node issues.

4) tolerant of a wide spread in snr levels between clients.

4) low cost.... (yeah, right!)

I am not interested in 'all in one systems' where I have no ability to mix n' 
match antenna's and such.

So far, I have heard a little about Netstream, (from MikroTik), and about 

Netstream seems to offer polling and long range PtMP.  However, having to get 
new licenses every year is annoying.

StarOS offers up to 10 non over lapping channels in the 2.4GHz band.
This could be useful in cleaning up interference issues at some towers.

I lean toward Netstream because I have had good luck with my Mikrotik routers 
that are currently in service, but I am more
interested in finding something that will last.  I am also concerned about 
being left high and dry as ydi/terabeam just did to me
and many others.

Anyone out there using one or both of these systems?  How about another system 
meeting these requirements that I don't know about?


Blair Davis

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