They will raise the rates, and refuse to provision any new lines....  That is what SBC plans to do.  Or so my contacts tell me......

Mark Koskenmaki wrote:
I have a hard time believing that even SBC and Qwest will just suddenly shut
it all down one day.

I suspect mostly things will continue as they have, where they have found it
financial beneficial to do so.

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  What will this ruling do to those who are reselling BellSouths DSL
now?  There are several other ISPs in the area who resell Bells DSL and
one has really sold a lot of it :-)  Does this ruling man that they will
shut him down?   <evil evil grin>

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Marlon K. Schafer (509) 982-2181 wrote:

GRIN.  I already wholesale to other isp's.  AOL would be welcome!

Guys this could be the greatest thing in the world for us.  This may
force Earthlink or whoever to go around and buy up every wisp they can
get their hands on.

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    deregulation onThursday

    "If the vote goes according to Mr. Martin's plan, and the
    telecommunications companies find themselves free of the
    requirement that they open their broadband networks to
    competitors, it could have an immediate effect on ISPs such as
    America Online and EarthLink. This fall, they could find
    themselves scrambling for broadband alternatives. "

    How 'bout them alternatives? How you all doing on the build-out of
    your Open Provider Networks? Come on. AOL may need you!

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    "United States Federal Communications Commission Chairman
    Kevin Martin is expected to officially propose the
    deregulation of DSL services from telecommunications
    carriers on Thursday."

    - ferg

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