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From: Brian Webster [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 8:57 PM
To: WISPA General List
Subject: RE: [WISPA] Fwd: FCC expected to officially propose DSL deregulationonThursday

    But don't forget Craig McCaw and Clearwire. They have been quietly buying licenses and setting up to deploy wireless broadband nationwide. This guy built two major wireless empires before (Cellular One - sold it to AT&T and Nextel). He will be ready to pounce on the market that gets caught high and dry.
    As far as backhaul, remember there is a lot of dark fiber in the US and other companies (Wiltel comes to mind) that provide big pipes and backhaul services. I know they aren't always where we need them but they can be of help. This group is made up of wireless operators, we can create backhauls and networks to get around this problem. It won't be easy and it won't be cheap but alas you could be free of the RBOC's. Seems like FiberTower might be in a good position to help out too. They certainly will be on many towers where your sites are, if not they should be within a backhaul shot to another tower that has connectivity. It's time to think outside the box again. If anyone can figure a way around this problem, this group can. Think of the possibilities of an RBOC free network, when the VOIP companies can't get traffic through other networks, where do you think they will go, can you say wholesale backhaul too? It's just going to take a lot of cooperation and group thinking. This will be a huge challenge for all of the small operators who are just able to keep up with their day to day operations. It does seem like the only way out in the long run. Might be a good time to attend the WISPBONE session at WINOG, this is exactly what will be discussed, it now has more urgency.

Thank You,
Brian Webster
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From: Tom DeReggi [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 9:06 PM
To: Dylan Oliver; WISPA General List
Subject: Re: [WISPA] Fwd: FCC expected to officially propose DSL deregulationonThursday

AOL and Earthlinks don't need us.  They will build their own. We just get more competition in the Wireless world.
ILECs stop having competition, WISPs start having competition. The WISP indistry grows, but existing WISPs start to feel the squeeze.
The independant ISP is our friend. Most likely if they die, its just a matter of time before we do.
Should the vote go as planned in favor of the ILECs, it will once again be a sad day, like last FEB 2003.  Sorta like in StarWars, when the Deathstar blew up Princess Leah's home planet as a demonstration of its power, feeling a super void in the force as millions of people were destroyed in a split second.  Only ISP would be equivellent to the People on the planet that got destroyed.
The truth is, probably nobody will notice any difference initially when the vote happens, but slowly behind the scenes the effects will be seen stronger and stronger as time goes on, and eventually leveraged to the full advantage to wipe out independant competition.
AS soon as you have 7000 indpendant ISPs, and the TOP 10 Giant ISPs like AOL and Earthlinks trying to deploy their own networks in unlicense, what do you think will happen? I can tell you the recent allocation of 3650 surely isn't enough to solve the problem that will quickly become apparent.
Just my 2 cents.
Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc
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Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 3:26 PM
Subject: [WISPA] Fwd: FCC expected to officially propose DSL deregulation onThursday

"If the vote goes according to Mr. Martin's plan, and the telecommunications companies find themselves free of the requirement that they open their broadband networks to competitors, it could have an immediate effect on ISPs such as America Online and EarthLink. This fall, they could find themselves scrambling for broadband alternatives. "
How 'bout them alternatives? How you all doing on the build-out of your Open Provider Networks? Come on. AOL may need you!

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From: Fergie (Paul Ferguson) <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Aug 3, 2005 12:27 PM
Subject: FCC expected to officially propose DSL deregulation on Thursday
To: nanog@merit.edu

"United States Federal Communications Commission Chairman
Kevin Martin is expected to officially propose the
deregulation of DSL services from telecommunications
carriers on Thursday."


- ferg

"Fergie", a.k.a. Paul Ferguson
Engineering Architecture for the Internet
ferg's tech blog: http://fergdawg.blogspot.com/

Dylan Oliver
Primaverity, LLC

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