Please see the thread "Foliage Penetration" (was Trango vs. Canopy or some-such).

Here's what Matt Liotta said:

We have found 5.8Ghz OFDM gear better than 900Mhz when it comes to NLOS links through foliage. We attribute this to a few things. First, the noise floor at 900Mhz is higher than 5.8Ghz due mostly to paging services. Second, Fresnel effects are a real problem for low antennas at 900Mhz. Finally, OFDM is simply better able to deal with multi-path interference. If you haven't had a chance to try equipment from Orthogon Systems then I would suggest you see for yourself.

In regard to power at 900Mhz vs. 5.8Ghz, check your FCC regulations.
5.8Ghz point-to-point links allow for the use of any antenna gain you desire assuming you have limited transmit power to 1W.


After much misinterpretation, Matt clarified that he believed Orthogon Systems succeeded not by penetrating leaves, but by using multipath reflections *around* them.

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