If all the WISPs in the country banded together we wouldn't be a 
pimple on the ass of a Telco like the Bells. We are so far from even 
being thought of as a mosquito in a heard of Elephants compared to the 
ILECs. You may scare some folks with that statement, but those of us who 
have been here a while and have a real picture of "whats what" know 
better than that.

The other day, I stated what you just said, and I got flamed by Johnny O for
"poo-pooing" the WISP industry

Now, I state that the WISP industry is a force, and I get smacked again


That said, although WISPs are cheap and WISPs have no money and etc etc etc,
you can't deny the fact that collectively speaking, the WISP industry is
"somewhat" of a force in the broadband industry.  Right now, it's estimated
that there are over 1 million broadband subs in the US alone being serviced
by WISPs...given that there are only about 30 million broadband subs in
total around the country, 1/30th of the market isn't exactly "nothing"

In fact, if the WISP market didn't exist, why would the FCC, in their 3650
ruling, state that it was set aside for WISPs

Hrm...maybe this is impetus to do a survey of the WISP industry (e.g., let's
find every WISP) - get a customer count, etc - it would be interesting to
now what the true size of it actually is

Some food for thought


August 15-17, 2005

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