I gotto stand behind both your comments.

Yes, the BELLs are AWARE of WISPs. Exactly why we need to protect the use of the Spectrum for our own special interests.

And YES, WISPs are a force today. It not about how large a force, but a force that has a unique ability to tackle the problems of a unique niche in the market. Wisp server people that no one else can serve as of today. WISPs are also available to marketers, we own the eye balls to the underserved population. In our market segment, we are the dominant player. The ILECs in some cases are actually minorities in some of our markets. The fact that the ILEC may dominate their markets is irrelevant.

What will be exciting is when WISPs collectively share the vision that they are infact valuable, and use that leverage to also compete head to head in ILEC markets, not just the underserved. Today most of the recognition for WISPs always refers to underserved. I think we have the wrong approach in what we ask for. The Governement say here some money or spectrum for you as a gift to go serve that underserved area that no one else wants even the ILECCs that are paid USF funds to go deploy it. What we should be asking is, We'll go deploy those underserved areas, but in trade, we want a peice of the action in prime markets to help subsidize our underserved operations. Or let us have those subsidees, grants, small business programs, that every other industry has to support rural and small business development. Why isn't it important to have it in the Internet Provider industry to?

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc

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FWIW, the Bells ARE AWARE that WISPs exist and are figuring out what to do
about them...(I can attest to this personally)


August 15-17, 2005

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Well thats not true.  They do it every day.  Life is not fair and life is
not equal.
Its all about votes and keeping the majority happy.

Even if the ultimate goal was to regul;ate WISPs as well, it could takes
years to finally have that happen in the courts, if enough resistence was
put forth to support unequal views that benefited consumers.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc

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  I think that statement is about the most ridiculous (& hilarious)
I have ever heard you say. I am glad that its in writing! :-)
     If all the WISPs in the country banded together we wouldn't be a
pimple on the ass of a Telco like the Bells. We are so far from even being

thought of as a mosquito in a heard of Elephants compared to the ILECs.
You may scare some folks with that statement, but those of us who have
been here a while and have a real picture of "whats what" know better than

Try Again :-)

Mac Dearman
Maximum Access, LLC.
318-728-8600 - Rayville
318-303-4107 - Monroe, La
318-450-4101 - NOC

Charles Wu wrote:

Here's the issue

If you vote to regulate the bells, then you (as WISPs) must also be
ultimately submit yourself (or at least your facilities based network
infrastructure) to regulation sometime in the near future - to requote
myself...the government won't support "double standards"

Good or bad, that's hard to say


August 15-17, 2005

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Anyone care to comment on this?  Should we also jump into this?

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Subject: [WISP] Fw: [isp-clec] FCC & DSL - WBIA ACTION Recommendation

Mike Hammett
Intelligent Computing Solutions

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From: "Frank Muto" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2005 2:51 PM
Subject: [isp-clec] FCC & DSL - WBIA ACTION Recommendation

For all competitive service providers, or other businesses offering
Internet related products and or services, and their customers.

Tomorrow, or very soon thereafter, we will see the FCC deregulate
Access.  What does this mean and what should you do?

While the answers are not clear on what the new terms and conditions
access (if any) will mean to thousands of ISP's we do know that this
does not bode well for the future of our industry.  While the argument
on the Hill has been that this will create greater competition, any
first grader who can count apples and oranges will recognize that when
you take a bunch of them off the table there will be fewer to count and
compete.  It defies
logic that the Bells have been able to sell this argument, but I suppose

you say it long and loud enough it mysteriously becomes a truth.

First, brace yourself for it is going to be a rough and bumpy ride.
Second, while it will not change the immediate outcome, it is
contingent upon us to
mobilize and send a message to the FCC that we are watching and are
organizing our industry, business and consumers in opposition.

As soon as you read this message take a moment to send word to each
of the FCC Commissioners about your concerns and the consequences to
your business
and that the ultimate impact of deregulation will be bad for America,
business, consumers and our economy.  It would also be a good idea to
your congressional representatives office when you send the message.
can find congressional contact information in the WBIA Legislative
Center at

For your convenience we have provided the Email address for each of
the FCC Commissioners and a sample letter which you are welcome to
use in crafting
your own message. Edit accordingly to give out to your customers.

For posting a letter (not comment) on the FCC Electronic Comment
System, do one post each of the following dockets: 04-29, 04-416, 04-440

and 04-405. Copy, paste and edit the below sample letter, edit to your
liking and submit a PDF or Word .doc.

Make sure they know who you are and use company letter head. Create
another for your customers and or have them sign off on a petition
and list all those separately on the letters and ECFS uploaded

Chairman Kevin Martin - [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Commissioner Michael Copps - [EMAIL PROTECTED] Commissioner
Adelstein - [EMAIL PROTECTED] Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy -


Dear Chairman or Commissioner _________;

We are an ISP, CLEC, or whatever in City_______, State_____ and
#'s______ of customers.  Deregulation will harm our business and the
to provide competitive services to our customers.   Consumers need and
deserve the choice they enjoy today and deregulation will take away
their right to choose providers and services.

President Bush signed Executive Order 13272 on August 13, 2002
federal agencies to implement policies protecting small entities when
writing new rules and regulations.  President Bush' Small Business
Agenda states that every new business starts with an idea for a better
product or process, which has been the driving force of Internet
innovation we enjoy today.

These ideas become reality only when confident entrepreneurs are
willing to take economic risks and ISP's have gallantly taken this
risk.  Small businesses are the heart of the American economy
because they drive innovation - new firms are established on the
very premise that they can do
a better job and recognize that a one-size-fits all approach is not good

business and innovation.

A few legacy carriers cannot continue to benefit from valuable
government grants and licenses, including the use of public
rights-of-way, and be allowed to extend those rights in a way that bars
others from offering their service to the public.

President Bush has called for recognition that supporting America's
small businesses is critical to ensuring continued job creation.  Today,

small businesses create two-thirds of new private sector jobs in
America, employ more than half of all workers, and account for more than

half of the output
of our economy.

The FCC has been entrusted with protecting consumers, encouraging
economic development, and ensuring that competition is allowed to
develop, rather than being quashed by a deregulated monopoly.
Already, we are seeing the
Bells move to increase prices, and without regulation, small business
be harmed, thousands of ISP's will be forced out business,
workers will lose their jobs and consumers will lose the choice of
for broadband services and support.

Deregulation will be bad for America and we encourage to reconsider
deregulating open access.

Cynthia H. de Lorenzi
Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy (WBIA)

Frank Muto
Co-founder -  Washington Bureau for ISP Advocacy - WBIA Telecom
Ad Hoc Committee

"We believe that all Americans are entitled to freedom of choice and
that true competition is unbiased of its provider network. That we be
allowed access to those networks to give all Americans their right to
choose any mix of service or services they choose."

"We recognize that laws and policies must maintain equal, fair and
nondiscriminatory access for all providers and that such laws and
policies be upheld."

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