I couldn't agree more with you Alex - -

$500.00 smackers is a bunch for meeting up with my wireless bud's. I am gonna attend the WISPCON this time around and I would really love to go to ISPCON. I talked to Larsen the other day and about it and that is my plans. I aint gonna pay no $500.00 to learn how to spell antenna, but I will spend $5K to meet up with some of y'all. We can get together and have our own grown up discussion about whatever we feel relevant - - - -- - - -

So - - You gonna make WispCon? I will get the room with double beds and you can shack with me. We can trash the bar every night and eat all the donuts early in the morning while everyone else is learning about microwave paths and how to add up how many mw's make a watt!!!!!! I do know that there are free buffets at certain hotels as well IF you can get to the 4th floor!! Damn - - I have turned into bad blood hanging with all these other ISP's

Harnish - - where you gonna be and what you gonna attend?

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A. Huppenthal wrote:

I'm thinking of going to a Trade Show this year. About the only one I attend with any regularity is ISPCON, simply because I've been in this business since 1996. Does anyone go to W-ISPCON? Is there really a difference between any of the trade shows? I've heard all about the WISP-nog version of my ideas for a tradeshow, so I don't need to hear more about that.

There are so many trade shows these days, I'm just looking for comments from those of you who have attended a recent one and found it worthwhile. Frankly I don't see any trade show that costs $500 or more worthwhile any longer, but perhaps I'm entirely wrong, or its just that I'm past the learning curve.


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