Mixing poisons is not a good thing. I'll stick with vsop or a glass or two of red wine. Good Chianti is amazingly inexpensive and really good..

Wherever it is, it'd be good to have minimum bugs.. Biting flies, ticks, mosquitos.. well... can be a real distraction. Although if you are going 45-50 mph on a jetski, who cares.. :-) just wear sunglasses and wash them off from time to time.. ha ha ha...

Hell,I'd canoe down a river for that matter, or white water raft, or any number of things. Rogue River in OR I hear is nice.

Mac Dearman wrote:

awww dude, the "day after" the red red wine will make you feel like you rammed a freight train sometime in the night. I got to admit that I like the Chianti - - - but in really small quantities!! hehehehehe - you use the wicker jug that the Chianta comes in to put a candle in and place it on a shelf for a nice romantic, warm feeling here in Louisiana.

I am all for a camp meeting somewhere - - please include me in the final destination, but the Mosquitoes down here are atrocious and I hear tales they stand flat footed and are have been known to have - - - - well - - - - they say sex with Turkeys, but thats probably giving them a bit much credit. I reckon what I am saying is make it when its cooler and a Mosquito free environment please :-) Swimming and jet skis would be a definite plus!

I do have a "Big Creek" and about 300 acres of open field behind my house, but then there is the Mosquito thing and all my neighbors would bring their Chianta and candles in the wicker encased bottles - - - it would appear to be another seance and these local red neck Police would raid the party, drink the wine and break all the bottles - - - and then on Saturday mornings these folks get on a 14" x 8' plank board, drag behind a 25HP Evinrude (outboard) and a 14' aluminum boat and call it "stump jumping" - - - - - Big Creek won't work.

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