Hello Brian,

Tessco has climbing stuff and Tennessee Equipment is another option.
Lurk on the Tower-pro list for other climbing stuff.

We need to hook up for lunch someday, we are not that far apart!


Tuesday, August 16, 2005, 10:58:25 AM, you wrote:

BR> I'll need to order today.  Does midwest have the best prices? I want a
BR> double lanyard but they are 150 - 200, it that what they all run or is
BR> this just super high quality?  I didn't want to have 1000 into climbing
BR> gear.  I know I know....I could die.

BR> is this the best positioning strap?  
BR> http://www.midwestunlimited.com/store_detail.lasso?-Token.id=10241

BR> The double lanyard needs to have the big fat hooks.  Anymore suggestions?

BR> George wrote:

>> http://www.midwestunlimited.com/store_detail.lasso?-Token.id=10229
>> George
>> Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
>>> I just bought a harness.  (I know, two years in and it's my first 
>>> harness)  I need a nice double lanyard and a positioning strap (or
>>> two, does it take 2?)
>>> Where can I find good quality, but not a premium price.  Or maybe 
>>> medium quality.  I don't want to go broke or fall.  :)
>>> Thanks.

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