last chance. I am ordering. Well, it's been 3 years....but it's time for a harness. Up until now I only climbed grain legs. I am going to go up a 90ft Rohn 25g style tower. It there anything else I need.
Can I get some links to the rope and pulleys ya'll use?

Tom DeReggi wrote:

I will add...

I bought a rope grabber for 3/8" metal wire. I made the mistake of buying the inexpensive $99 version, it is a pain to work with because it needs to be assembled around the wire/rope, and is difficult to do as I climb the tower and need to remove it to go over the brackets that fasten the wire to the tower. The $250 good version is preferred, and worth every penny, because it will actually be used instead of sitting in a bucket. It is better because it can very easilly be released to wrap around the wire without taking it apart.

I forget the names of them, but the sellers know what I'm referring to.

Tom DeReggi

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I bought the following from - they seemed to have the best prices on good quality stuff.

Item Ref.   Price ea.   Qty.  Description

28003 $35.00 1 Master Series 1/2" x 3' Centurion Rope Lanyard 35346 $68.00 1 Master Series 1" x 6' NoPac Shock Absorbing Polyester Lanyard (2 legs)
66623       $244.00     1     Eagle Tower LX Harness -XL

I also bought a rope-grabber, quite a few REAL carabiners, and a clamp set with large Dring for the seat in the harness...

Total purchase was around $600

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I'll need to order today. Does midwest have the best prices? I want a double lanyard but they are 150 - 200, it that what they all run or is this just super high quality? I didn't want to have 1000 into climbing gear. I know I know....I could die.

is this the best positioning strap?

The double lanyard needs to have the big fat hooks.  Anymore suggestions?

George wrote:


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

I just bought a harness.  (I know, two years in and it's my first
harness)  I need a nice double lanyard and a positioning strap (or
two, does it take 2?)

Where can I find good quality, but not a premium price.  Or maybe
medium quality.  I don't want to go broke or fall.  :)


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