Actually, I already own it.  Bill Curd sold me his extra one 2 weeks ago.

George wrote:

Hey order the one with the aluminum bar seat in it.
It's only like 20 dollars more, and it's a lot more comfortable to be on a tower in.

I just got one for my guy and hey says it's way more comfortable than the other one and he can spend more time on a tower.


Bob Moldashel wrote:

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

last chance. I am ordering. Well, it's been 3 years....but it's time for a harness. Up until now I only climbed grain legs. I am going to go up a 90ft Rohn 25g style tower. It there anything else I need.

Yeah...How about some training???

Can I get some links to the rope and pulleys ya'll use?

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