If you want to sponsor me, I'll go. I have no funds for that. Rant some more.....nope.....still don't have money. I did order a hard hat as well, so I guess I'm on the right track. Also, I did plan on attaching the lanyard to the tower legs because I feel they are stronger compared to the cross members (that is the common sense I mentioned earlier) I'm not a know it all by any means. I just feel I can get by, and if I'm wrong, well.....I'll never know it. (insert someone's rant here about my bad attitude....) It does not make sense to me to spend all my money on a class just to get one step closer to running myself out of business. I have 8 people waiting to be hooked up to this mini pop. So, I choose to buy the AP rather than the training. I'm looking at $650 for the AP, and if I recall correct, the training is about the same only it creates no income.

Disclaimer. I am 21 yrs old, young, dumb and risk my life every time I do an untrained climb. NEVER climb without proper training. ;-)

Bob Moldashel wrote:



Only if its free???  That's putting alot of value on your life....
Staying tied off 100% of the time is great but only if you are anchored to the right stuff. For example, there is no way to safely attach a standard 6' "Y" fall arrest system to Rohn 25 or 45G. Did you know that?? The fall arrest forces in most cases will tear the crossmembers from the tower. If you are around a leg you will now exert those forces against the side axis of the carabiner which is not as strong. If the crossmember gives way, you just fall to the ground. But if you happen to be anchored around a leg you may just loose one or two crossmembers as it pulls down. Then you will just fall 8 or 9 feet before your ass gets slammed back into the tower steel. Now that your face is all f*cked up because you were not wearing any head protection (because, after all, no one is working above you so wearing head protection is silly...right??). Now you hang there with maybe a few fractured ribs, your head all banged up, you're bleeding like a pig (which is what even the smallest head wound does) and you have just created one of the most difficult rescue situations in the tower industry if you are higher than the local fire departments aerial ladder. Getting someone off a REAL tower or monopole is hard enough. Rohn 25G has to be the worst and most dangerous. Who will rescue your butt?? How will you get down?? Don't say you will just climb down because not many can after falling in their harness. Hang there for more than 30 minutes and you'll probably just expire. And you know what??? Not even the funeral is free! So to not get any real structured traing actually cost you anyways....in funeral costs.


Here's a pointer you can pick up..........  GET SOME TRAINING!

-B-  <--------waiting to go to the funeral

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