Brian :)
Your only 21 years old, CONGRATS!

When I read about guys like you and Kurt , who is still in high school and running a wisp, it makes me happy and proud of you guys that are starting life embracing a business and making a go at it.

So keep up the hard work, someday you'll look back on this era of your life and understand why your a success at what ever you will be doing then.

I strongly believe in young people getting involved and participating in the business world.

It's a sign of independence and ingenuity, which is what drives the American way.

Congrats again!


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
Sure is nice to ask for advice and be insulted. If you know so much about how I climb, tell me what I have done wrong. Or start asking me trick questions that I'll answer wrong. Than you may insult me.

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