My thought was : how can WISPA help improve safety for members? I climb more than I care to, frankly. Safety is the #1 objective. *nothing* is more important. Consider weather, weight, structure, attachment, ropes.. the list is long and I agree, a seminar/training is the way to go. Between jetski rides, I'd like to see that. :-)

Mike Healy wrote:

Hmmmm, sounds to me like you better find a class than can teach you common sense cause you sure ain't got any. I agree with Bob's rant......... with one addition....... IF (and that is a big if) the local fire dept has a ladder it is only going to go up less than 100' for one and they are not trained (in general) in plucking someone off the side of a tower.

My suggestion..... spend the money on the training and equipment to do it right before you hurt (or kill) yourself or someone else.......

Just my $.02 worth


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

To be completely honest. Only if it's free. Otherwise, I'll stay tied off 100% of the time and not let anyone stand below me. From there, I'll just pick up pointers as I go along and use common sense (something no class can teach me).

A. Huppenthal wrote:

How about a training seminar for climbing - OSHA safe.

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Actually, I already own it. Bill Curd sold me his extra one 2 weeks ago.

George wrote:

Hey order the one with the aluminum bar seat in it.
It's only like 20 dollars more, and it's a lot more comfortable to be on a tower in.

I just got one for my guy and hey says it's way more comfortable than the other one and he can spend more time on a tower.


Bob Moldashel wrote:

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

last chance. I am ordering. Well, it's been 3 years....but it's time for a harness. Up until now I only climbed grain legs. I am going to go up a 90ft Rohn 25g style tower. It there anything else I need.

Yeah...How about some training???

Can I get some links to the rope and pulleys ya'll use?

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