I fully agree with George. Only issue is that when you start young, you usually don't know what you don't know, and become over confident. So be cautious about that. I see it way to often. The advantage of people that start out working for someone else in a specific trade, is they learn by seeing, and don't have to figure it out blind. For example in my case, I took a path of self employment instead of going to college. I was making good money so I didn't think I needed the formal training. It took 10 years into my business for me to realize what I didn't know, and how if I had that knowledge I may have been more successful in my ventures. I am now working hard to correct those weaknesses, but I wish I did it 10 years ago. My point is not to pass any judgement on your expertise, just advising that you recognize your weaknesses, so that you are in the position to address them, apposed to overlook them. As far as tower climbing, I hired someone to do my first couple installs. And I made sure that I was there every single moment to watch and learn. It was invaluable to me, before climbing myself.

The reality is, its near the same cost to take a course as it is to pay someone for a day to install your gear. So thats one of the reasons the advise is to take a course, by many. Its sorta like sky diving, its generally a good idea to have someone experienced around the first time. If you make a mistake, the penalty can be severe.

But if you member two simple rules, you'll probably be OK. Always have atleast one other person around, so if you get in trouble they can call for help. Second, use a Dual Tie-off shock zorber lanyard. One of the two clamps should be fastened to the tower at all times. When you go to move one, the other always stays fastened. Then once the first one is fastened again, you move the second one. And of cource the other end gets attached to the BACK D-Ring. IF you do that, you know at minimum, you won't fall to your death.

Tom DeReggi
RapidDSL & Wireless, Inc

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Brian :)
Your only 21 years old, CONGRATS!

When I read about guys like you and Kurt , who is still in high school and running a wisp, it makes me happy and proud of you guys that are starting life embracing a business and making a go at it.

So keep up the hard work, someday you'll look back on this era of your life and understand why your a success at what ever you will be doing then.

I strongly believe in young people getting involved and participating in the business world.

It's a sign of independence and ingenuity, which is what drives the American way.

Congrats again!


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
Sure is nice to ask for advice and be insulted. If you know so much about how I climb, tell me what I have done wrong. Or start asking me trick questions that I'll answer wrong. Than you may insult me.

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