Hello George,

We raised ours to $150 ( was 125) early summer when gas hit 2.50 a gallon. No 
peeped. We also switched from running our bucket truck to a pickup
with ladder racks. Sucks when you do an install and the bucket would
really work. We got Verizon falling all over themselves giving away
DSL here too. That forced us to look at marketing/selling to people
in the country though. I'm not price warring with them.

We also are firming up our "pay if not our equipment" service calls.
Was letting that slide too much and the infected crap people run is
not worth doing it for free.

We are looking into "alternative" technologies to power our trucks


Wednesday, August 17, 2005, 7:27:57 PM, you wrote:

G> Brian Rohrbacher wrote:
>> Is anyone bumping up their install or monthly fees to offset high gas
>> prices?  Gas went up over 60 cents this week.

G> If you can get away with it.
G> But I don't think Qwest or Charter are raising there rates because of gas.

G> I think this is just the cost of doing business and in this business
G> with fixed install prices, we are squeezed.

G> I was thinkin off buying a better gas mileage vehicle, now I'm really
G> considering it.

G> George

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