from my Mikrotik

add src-address= dst-address=! protocol=tcp \ action=nat to-dst-address= to-dst-port=80 comment="Redirect \ all customers to \"Please call NoDial\" page" disabled=no

I just have a virtual "call nodial" web site hosted on one of my webservers. I need to put a custom 404 error page to the same page. It works if your home page is ""; but not if your homepage is "";

You can look at to see what I send my deadbeat customers to. I also send my DHCP customers there who I havent put in a static DHCP lease for. Kind of a poor-man's hotspot.


Bo Hamilton wrote:

Redirect that IP to a webserver on your network. You can do that on just about any core router, Star-Os, MT and so on.


Ray & Jean wrote:

Looking for a intro page, webpage ect.. That will let a customer know that their end user modem for wireless service has been cut off or deactivated due to lack of payments. When they click on their browser to view a website I would like the page to say; something like, "Sorry due to non-payment your internet web surfing has been stopped.. " Does anyone have a template or know how to make this work on the wireless modems?
Thanks Jean

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