I am doing this without MT.. but I do have Linux running a transparent
bridge between my
customers and my core router. Use iptables to redirect (DNAT) the src IP
address web requests to
my webserver (I redirect requests to port 80 to my webservers address on
port 88) and
then have the virtual host on that web server which listens to that IP
on port 88 use
Mod_ReWrite to redirect all of the REQUEST_URIs to index.html.

Using this system, If I want to shut off a customer, all I do is enter
their assigned IP
once into IP tables, and ANY web reqests gets my index.html page. It
works for
http://yahoo.com/  and for http://yahoo.com/EERTS123X/ddd.asp/?sessid=7788

Two things to keep in mind..
1.You want to be careful about how much (possibly private) information
is put on
your web page. It may be fine to use that page to inform your customer
that they are a deadbeat, except that you cannot know which member of
the customer's family, friends, or relatives may be the first one use
the customer's
computer while visiting on vacation and be the one who gets to read about
your customer's account status. Your lawyer may have better advice.

2. It is probably a good idea to make your web page non-cacheable, so
that when
your customer does pay their bill and you re-enable their access, they don't
keep seeing your page instead of


JNA wrote:

>I have been looking to implement this as well with our MT boxes. Does anyone
>have any samples? I know how to redirect an ip in the MT boxes but how do
>you redirect to a specific web page? Unless you setup a web server on the ip
>with a generic page just for that server you would get the main web site on
>the web server ip. Now if you could go to ip/yourshutoff.html that would be
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>>Redirect that IP to a webserver on your network.  You can do that on
>>just about any core router, Star-Os, MT and so on.
>>Ray & Jean wrote:
>>>Looking for a intro page, webpage ect.. That will let a customer know
>>>that their end user modem for wireless service has been cut off or
>>>deactivated due to lack of payments. When they click on their browser
>>>to view a website I would like the page to say; something like, "Sorry
>>>due to non-payment your internet web surfing has been stopped.. " Does
>>>anyone have a template or know how to make this work on the wireless
>>>Thanks Jean
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