around here, that's US Forest Service or Bureau of Land Management - they have jurisdiction over much of the mountain land here.

Blair Davis wrote:


A. Huppenthal wrote:

Any comments on freestanding towers? Apparently the FS/BLM want all new towers to be free standing in many areas.

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

I won't skip, but I don't want to waste. I want to do it exactly what is needs to be, well, if it's suppose to be a 48 inch hole, I'd do 49. But I don't want to have to do 5 ft. I want to figure enough for the job without wasting material and time. Believe me, I want efficiency, not corner cutting.

JohnnyO wrote:

CPE - PLUS a climber while it's being installed - Don't skimp Brian - I prob do more things out of specs then most - but that is b/c I add overkill into our tower bases.... JohnnyO

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    I know.  On one hand I want it good enough for a CPE, but on the
    other hand I don't want to hear on the news 20 years from now
    that it crashed over and killed a guy when he wanted to put his
    VW Bug on top of it.  I want to build it to take whatever people
    want to put on it.

    Scott Reed wrote:

    Only a CPE today, but towers always beg for more equipment.
Don't skimp, you never know what you will want/need in the future.

    Scott Reed
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> Portland cement has no gravel. I'll mix it 4 parts to one. So.....those 15 94 lb bags are like 60 94 lb bags. I had
    figured I needed 1.28 yards for the hole I dug.  But now that I
    have the specs I will see how big the hole has to be.  I will
    only put a CPE on this tower.  Nothing huge.
    > Brian
    > Mark Koskenmaki wrote:

15 bags of cement won't mean squat in a hole that

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I dug a hole 32 inch square by 42 inches deep yesterday for a

tower.  It is 5 sections of 8 ft.  I just got 15 bags of portland

and will add my own

I was thinking about three 1 1/2 inch pieces of pipe stuck in

to bolt the tower legs to.  I

thread and put couplers on the pipe at 22 inches so they can't
move. I've

got some re-bar to chuck down in the hole

I've got 3 8ft ground rods and will bond with #4 bare stranded
wire. I

picked up a load of grade 8

washers, and lock washers for bolting the tower together and to

stubs.  Anyone have any

for me?  This is my first tower.  I will pour tomorrow



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