It's pretty simple. Freeside handles all accounts receivable. When we get payments from customers, we enter the payments into Freeside, and then we put them all into one deposit that goes to the bank. The deposit that goes to the bank is entered into QuickBooks as "wireless internet payments".

We do a journal entry at the beginning of each month in Quickbooks to match up the Quickbooks accounts receivable with the Freeside accounts receivable. Keeps things pretty simple.

Matt Larsen

Dylan Oliver wrote:

On 8/26/05, *Matt Larsen - Lists* <[EMAIL PROTECTED] <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>> wrote:

    I use Freeside.  We just upgraded to the latest version and it works
    really well for our application.  Should have RT trouble ticket system
    integrated into it next week and that is the finishing touch that will
make it just about perfect.


Freeside looks nice - and I'm excited to see the trouble ticketing worked in - but how do you integrate it into your accounting systems? Do you use Quickbooks or an OSS option?

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