Thanks.  Best offer I have now is $1200/month for 5Mbit with a $3000
setup.  Also, 6 months to get setup.

With that pricing, I'm sure you see why I am jealous of $25/Mbit that
some guys get....

Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Hey Blair,
Hit me up if there is anything we can work on together with this whole project. I think Michwave has fiber in Grand Rapids.......

Blair Davis wrote:

Nice map.  Nothing anywhere near me, of course... :-(

Matt Liotta wrote:

XO's map is available at their web site.


Brian Rohrbacher wrote:

Is there a list so we can all see the locations? Are you able to get principal members of WISPA any deals?


Jory Privett wrote:

I would be interested in finding out if one of there switches is in my area.

Jory Privett

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We have a national wholesale agreement with XO, which among other things can get us very low cost colo and roof rights at their switches.


Anthony Will wrote:

In central MN here also. I would be very interested in a project such as this. This is the ONLY way we will truly survive. I am currently working on a way to get into the Metro area to gain access to cheap pipes. Hopefully we will end up in XO's or calpops CO.

See how easy it is to get something like this started. I know that I am south of Mike. I also know that two other WISPs are south of me all the way to Iowa. Now if we can get those guys on board anyone in Iowa or Illanios is likely close enough to make this real. NOW from Illanios it really opens up..... I am an old friend to an operation on the west side of Chicago connected to Equinix, one of the largest carriers hotels in the nation. Now with all the wisps together we could easily afford an OCx and get some real pricing. And with everyone sharing in the expense we could make this licensed equipment for a rock solid backbone for all of our networks.

Anthony Will
Ruralnet Inc. (please excuse the cheesy site. We are in process of completely reworking a new site.)

Mike Bushard Jr wrote:

I'm in, Central MN

Mike Bushard Jr
Reliable Internet Services
1st Rate Computers

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Hi Brian,
Well we led a session that started a dialog on this topic. It got
loud at times..... The end result was I am willing to donate time to map out in one location all of the data people send me with locations of POP's, fiber hotels and other inexpensive sources of bandwidth. This could be from any source like fiber (lit or dark) or companies that have bandwidth to sell. If there are WISP's who want to share the backbones they have, we can map them too. I basically just need a list of locations by lat and long or street address. If I can get enough different sources of data I will map it and make it available on line. The idea is that WISP's can see how far away from cheap backhaul they really are and then they can figure out a way to bring it to their location. This could also serve as a way to get regional groups together to build a mutually beneficial backbone. The mapping can have clickable information about each site if that is included in the data
If this starts to take off the idea was suggested that a national
group or
co-op be formed to manage this backbone so that one person or company could not bring down or segment part of the network. There were many ideas and issues brought up about this. I don't want to get this thread started on all of that. I really just want to see where were are with access to cheap bandwidth and how we might be able to stitch together an ad hoc backbone for the time being. Anyone who is interested in this project please send me an email with WISPBONE in the subject line. I will create a distribution list for now and if we get it going we can set up a list somewhere to have an online forum. To date I have no input from any of the people who were in the session. Just like most of these good ideas, I feel it will die because everyone is too busy with their own business and they hope someone else will
get it going.

Thank You,
Brian Webster <>
Free World Dialup #481416

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I was told to bring this up after WiNog.  Well.......????

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