I can see the National headlines.  "Group of WISPs from WISPA save the day be restoring communications weeks before the telcos"  :)

Matthew Kish wrote:
If there is anything we can do...  Please let me know!

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Is there any way some of us other WISPs can show up with some 
infrastructure and save the day? Could be a good opportunity to help 
some people and do some good marketing WISPs at the same time.


Mac Dearman wrote:

The word from an RN ( personal friend) that is working at the 
SuperDome said that they are moving the living out and moving the dead 
in. They said that they are out of body bags - - - - - it will be 
thousands dead from the sound of it just in the NOLA area- - - -

Man - this is unreal. If you are a praying person - - - - - today is 
the day to remember these folks!!!! There are so many that havent been 
heard from, so many missing, so many that are without anything today. 
I am currently at my moms house and she has a house full of people. 
Only one couple is kin to us and the rest are refugees from New 
Orleans. The POTS lines here are non functional as it is jammed up and 
all you get is a recording stating that " all circuits are busy"  I 
have VOIP phones and they work great as they arent Dependant on the 
PSTN in this area. Its just about the only dependable phone service up 
here today.


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