Well, from the photos and video that I've seen so far........ I don't think that trees are a problem anymore...... :-(

A. Huppenthal wrote:

I haven't seen any posts from a close-by ISP. Perhaps we can send a router, backhaul, or other basic equipment to quick build a link into the area from someplace that does work. I know there's lots of trees there, so it isn't an easy proposition. I'm ready to toss in some equipment. I have no spare labor.


Thinking about what Mac said, I would think setting up some 'phone' points would be a big help. First find a WISP site nearby, set up 2 tents, 1 for 2-3 volunteers to live in, and 1 with a solar panel and/or generator, antenna, computer, and a few VOIP phones and let the survivors say have 5 minutes to call loved ones to say they are alive. I know this is a simple statement and it will take much more behind the scenes, but it seems like that would be a great start. Some would have the extra equipment, some could rotate volunteers, some have the service, some provide funding, and some the organizational skills. Walter

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