According to the guy I talked with their service is all down.


JohnnyO wrote:

Contact the guy from   he's serving that entire
area already - no need to re-invent the wheel - use his infrastructure.


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WISPA members, vendors and friends-
SlingShot Wireless Communications will be mobilizing a crew to the Gulf
Port Area to assist in establishing critical PtP & PtMP wireless
communications for the rescue and reconstruction personnel.
We have a wide range of equipment in stock which we will be deploying
for those departments, systems, and cities in the most distress areas.
If you can help us in our effort or if you are in these impacted areas,
please send response to [EMAIL PROTECTED] or call 866-33-3127.

Would there be any Manufacturers, Distributors, or Integrators following
this list that can support us in our assistance and donate some gear or
manpower (certified climbers)?

Thank you,

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